Harbinger 34th Issue

As a presager of peace, we are back with our new

21st Issue of Parikrama Magazine

21st Annual Issue of Parikrama Magazine, Complete Folder Memo Section “Dhara”

A piece from 21st Issue of Parikrama: DHARA-Book review

Till now, everyone would have got the 21st Issue of Parikrama magazine

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Symposium-III: Exploring New Frontiers of Collaboration: Medicine and Humanities

  We are back again to brainwave the young mindsets and

Symposium II : Exploring New Frontiers of Collaboration : Medicine and Humanities

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The Harbinger: PHOTOBOOK 2015

The Harbinger: Photobook 2015 The 32nd Issue of The Harbinger bimonthly,

19th Issue of Parikrama Released

The most awaited moment sparked rays of happiness and eagerness when the

Download Parikrama 19th Annual Issue

Parikrama 19th Annual Issue

Harbinger 31st Issue

Harbinger 31st Issue