Parikrama Library Week

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LIBRARY WEEK at Parikrama


The much beloved PSF Library (of the students, by the students, for the students) will be celebrating its 5th anniversary from the 23rd to 29th June 2013. “Book Worms” have a chance to celebrate their unfathomable love for literature through various programs viz. literature quiz, Book review writing competition, fast writing competition and a bookmark designing competition.

The details are:

  • Book review competition: Tuesday, 25th June, 5PM seminar hall
  • Fast writing competition : Tuesday, 25th June, 5PM seminar hall
  • Bookmark designing: : To be submitted to a parikramite or in the PSF library by Thursday 27th june
  • Literature Quiz : : 28th june, 2:30 pm, Auditorium

The PSF library will remain open from 6-8pm throughout the Libraray week( 23rd -28th june).
New memberships can be obtained at a special charge of Rs. 50 (limited to the library week) with two photos (1 auto+ 1 PP).


In the world of medical and medicos, we bring you another world of literature. We are not any science geeks but we create a fusion of literature and medical science. Parikrama, as the word revolving, comes round every year with an annual issue. Not just this, we host literary events like spelling bee to quiz mania and we celebrate our library week, also promoting the creativity of students and publish bimonthly "The Harbinger".

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