Symposium-III: Exploring New Frontiers of Collaboration: Medicine and Humanities


IMG-942baa0da2836ab5ca6a6ee31e9346ab-VWe are back again to brainwave the young mindsets and inculcate medicine with Humanities. With the same theme “Exploring New Frontiers of Collaboration: Medicine and Humanities”, we look forward to enlighten the young medicos of BPKIHS on various aspects of life, through their discourse with various imminent personalities in different fields of life- arts, literature, culture, glamour, social service, entrepreneurship, mass media, politics etc. in Nepal. Bringing in imminent speakers, experts in their field, to share their experience on pre-specified topics and to show us how their field (and so the lives of many linked to it) can be correlated with medicine, will in many forms enrich our endeavors in becoming well-rounded medicos; one who knows how to empathize with the patient, one who believes in teamwork and one who can cure the disease beyond the apparent (the social aspects).

To witness the program LIVE and be a part of the brainwave, REGISTER Yourself. Limited Seats available.

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