Symposium Cum Talk Show IV: Medicine and Humanities

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Medicos’ perspective with regards to investigative aspects of medicine has taken significant strides ahead of the more humane aspects. A modern physician is often caught between the see-saw of medical technicalities and various investigative procedures pushing his focus towards the ‘disease’ rather than ‘person’ with the disease. Medicos our country is not an exception to this. The ‘divine’ noble profession that we take pride in is often rendered ‘ungodly’ with the argument being our insensitiveness to human emotion and overtly mechanical approach. The mishaps by us isn’t helping us here, whatever may be the reason for it. So we ought to act on this frontier all united. Hence, this symposium. Through this attempt, we intend to integrate two ends of the see-saw, two wheels of a single cart. We look forward to enlighten young to take medicine and humanity hand in hand through the esteemed speakers of diverse fields encompassing literature, sports, leaders, etc. Hope we regain the divine halo with our roots deep into the humane aspects of medicine

Symposium Cum Talk Show IV
Symposium Cum Talk Show IV

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In the world of medical and medicos, we bring you another world of literature. We are not any science geeks but we create a fusion of literature and medical science. Parikrama, as the word revolving, comes round every year with an annual issue. Not just this, we host literary events like spelling bee to quiz mania and we celebrate our library week, also promoting the creativity of students and publish bimonthly "The Harbinger".

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