Symposium Cum Talk Show – V Medicine and Humanities

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Exploring New Frontiers of Collaboration: Medicine and Humanities
Guest speaker of Symposium Cum Talk Show – V ; Medicine and Humanities
December 20/21 Date to be remember

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Honorable Health and Population Minister
Bhanubhakta Dhakal


Pradeep Giri

kulman ghising

Kulman Ghising




Prof. Sanjeev Uprety


Prof. Dr. Arjun Karki


Mahabir Pun


Prof. Dr. Sanjib Sharma


Biswo Poudel

bonita Sharma

Bonita Sharma


Prof. Dr. Mohan Chandra Regmi

ameet dhakal

Ameet Dhakal

Rana-report phot

Dr. Ryukichi Ishida

pravin dhakal

Pravin Dhakal

bhusita bhattrai

Bhusita Bhattrai

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In the world of medical and medicos, we bring you another world of literature. We are not any science geeks but we create a fusion of literature and medical science. Parikrama, as the word revolving, comes round every year with an annual issue. Not just this, we host literary events like spelling bee to quiz mania and we celebrate our library week, also promoting the creativity of students and publish bimonthly "The Harbinger".

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