Parikrama Library

Our library is running in its fifth year currently. It’s still young and still needs much more molding and shaping to be built into a fine yielding library. But in spite of its naive experience, we are proud of it. We are here (and always will be) as its parents, guardians, caretakers and everything else, to steer its future towards prosperity and brilliance. This library was established on the 28th of June, 2008 by our senior family members of the 12th executive committee and as it happens to all the beginners, they had started it with a mere collection of 400 books. After five winters, we now proudly present you an outstanding number of books in our library- a total of more than 3500 books. And they are just not any books; they encompass all spheres of life and fiction straight from the pens and minds of great authors like Leo Tolstoy, Dan Brown, J.K. Rowling, Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Jhamak Ghimire and many more. In addition to that, the number of library members has reached more than 700. Thanks to the library week, which we celebrate in the month of June to honor the library’s noble birth; during that very week, the membership figures rocketed sky-high and culminated in our being able to boast about it.

Recently Changes in our Library:

    • Computerization of the library, which was a boost to our time-management issues
    • Rearrangement of the books according to their accession number
    • one special rack which consists of the ‘mostly read books’.
    • The library was redecorated and the floor was carpeted,much to the pleasure of everyone
    • We have now access to the weekly magazine Himal Khabar Patrika
    • We received wide support ( as books ) from the renowned Nepalaya Publications, Fine Print publication and Jagdamaba Prakashan
    • We have received posters, maps and documents garnering information on tourist hotspots of Nepal from Nepal tourism Board
    • Much to our surprise, Help Nepal Network has offered to donate books which will foster sense of humanity among the medicos, worth Rs one Lakh
    • We also received some complementary books from Osho center and Dr. Yogi Bikasananda. This support has given us a trigger in establishing a meditation corner in the library

Future Plans:

    • We are trying to make Parikrama Library accesible via internet. Through this, Library member could order and reserve the preferable books
    • We are also trying to incorporate ebooks in our website


Without the cooperation of our fellow family members and without the inexorable thirst of our voracious readers, the library wouldn’t have been what it is today. We hope to continue serving as your oasis in the occasional times of institute-turned-desert through our library, in the years to come as well.

 How to become a member of Parikrama Libray?