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Dr. Netra Bhusal


Just a year changes so much of thing. What we live and experience is a whole life. A lot of things happen, as the time moves.

As the water drops, it’s sound reciprocates in your ear drums. Isn’t it amazing how these waterfall has been falling for ever but not at all.

At the end of the day it’s your life or nothing. But a thing that’s great about life is; you never stop trying even if you are dying.

A snow capped mountain, the green green hills, a river flows by and a bridge connecting life. Isn’t it a poetry?

And as you walk in the laps of Himalayan, side by side by the yaks, you will realize what surreal is.

Have you ever been lost in the sky that’s floating in the pond, while your thoughts are in distant imagination?

The air from the Himalayas is still afresh. And as I remember the walk, my heart is filled with contentment.

Ever wondered what’s your kind of peace?

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