This Too Shall Pass

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Ananya Verma


Living in Lockdown is probably the most uncertain thing Humankind is doing right now. What is more baffling is, how a simple task of staying in our homes, has become so daunting. But, justifiably so. It is probably not the act, but the overwhelming and never addressed emotions associated to this bottom less pit of uncertainty, which makes it all the more confusing. Needless to say, our mental health is also at stake and how could it not. When all our lives we as members of an alleged evolved species,who have been conditioned to opt for grime, are now all of a sudden expected to take things as slowly as a sloth possibly could.

In trying times like these, even a minuscule attempt to restore the faintest bits of stability is heartily celebrated. As much as our kind is capable of laying a massive labyrinth of concrete and mess, it is also capable in propagating positive outlook and warmth of hope. Yet, even the most accomplished individuals are having a hard time believing that “No matter how dangerous this stagnation looks, it will eventually end”.

What we must focus in times like these is to think, not about the things which are not in our control, but about things which are.
Staying informed about the current scenario is of utmost importance. But, it should be of prime concern that the information should be authentic and not from multiple sources.
The principle being : Stop when mental peace is jeopardized.

Agreeably, the feeling of “everything which was once carefully planned and implemented, becoming nearly obsolete” is the most unsettling feeling of all. But it would do us no good, if we underestimate our ability to adapt. Being kind to ourselves and not shunning our emotions is what the World probably needs to do now (and in the long run) . Not every conversation needs to be dominated by this Pandemic. Slowly and carefully, figuring out what suits us best in this time and incorporating it in our lives will not only be fruitful but give us that long lost optimism.

It is not a mere individual whose life has come to a stand still. The whole world is facing it. Let us do our bits and help in whatever way possible to make it a little more bearable to fight this apprehension.


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